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Where Do Brownie Badges Go on a Vest? A Complete Guide for Girl Scout Leaders

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

One of the most exciting moments for our Brownie troop is when they earn badges to proudly display on their vests. As leaders, we want to ensure our girls wear their badges with pride and confidence. However, it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out where each badge should go. Don't worry; I've got you covered! Let's dive into this comprehensive guide on where to place Brownie badges on their vests.

The Girl Scout Brownie Vest Setup

Before we start placing badges, it's important to know the setup of the Girl Scout Brownie vest. The front of the vest consists of three areas: the insignia tab, the official Girl Scouts of the USA identification strip, and the Brownie Girl Scout Membership pin.

The Left Side of the Brownie Vest

Insignia Tab Placement

The Insignia tab is a pin with brown fabric. It should hold the Brownie membership pin and World Trefoil pin. This is placed on the left side of the vest at the top, above the heart.

The Right Side of the Brownie Vest

US Flag Badge

The very first badge on the right side of the vest is the US Flag. These are sold at all Girl Scout stores.

Girl Scouts of the USA Identification Strip

The official Girl Scouts of the USA identification strip goes directly below the flag patch. There should be two strips, one for the Girl Scouts of the USA and one for your local Council.

Troop Crest and Troop Number

Below the council patch, you'll have your personal troop insignia. This will be your chosen Troop Crest and your Troop Number. These will be used to easily identify your troop.

Brownie Girl Scout Membership Pin and Disc

The Brownie Girl Scout Membership pin is placed directly below the troop number. This pin signifies that your Brownie is officially a member of the Girl Scouts organization. For each year you are a Girl Scout, you'll get a new pin. For example, if you were a Daisy for 2 years and bridge over to a Brownie, you'll have 2 Daisy pins and 1 Brownie pin.

Bridge to Girl Scout Brownie Award

If you earned a bridging award, your bridging award goes below the membership pins.

Individual Badges Placement

When you earn individual Girl Scout badges, these get placed on the front of the vest. You can place them starting at the bottom of the vest on either side. Remember, official badges are triangles. Fun patches go on the back. :)

Journey Badges Placement

The journey badges are earned through various activities and experiences. These badges are placed on the the front of the vest above the individual badges. Ideally you'll place these on the left side since it typically has more space.

Fun Patches and Other Awards

Girls LOVE collecting fun patches. We typically try to get them a fun patch that coordinates with any badgework or journey we do. These patches can be placed on the back of the vest.. You can arrange them in any creative way you like.

Brownie Quest and Journey Summit Awards

The Brownie Quest and Journey Summit Awards are earned by completing journeys. They are displayed on the front of the vest, centered below the insignia tab or the official identification strip.

It's All About the Fun!

Remember, badge placement is essential, but let's not forget the most crucial aspect of Girl Scouting – having fun, learning, and making lasting memories with our Brownies. Whether they earn many badges or just a few, what truly matters is the experiences and values they gain throughout their journey as Girl Scouts.

I hope this guide helps you confidently place Brownie badges on their vests, showcasing your girls' accomplishments and fostering a sense of pride in their achievements. Keep up the fantastic work as a Girl Scout Leader, and happy badge earning, everyone!

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