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Girl Scouts Thanksgiving Activities and Meeting Ideas

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for Girl Scouts to come together, express gratitude, and make a positive impact on their communities. Below are variety of Thanksgiving activities that Girl Scout troops of all levels can engage in. From community service initiatives to fun events, parties, and creative crafts, there are countless ways to help plan for Girl Scouts Thanksgiving activities and meeting ideas that celebrate and give back during this special season.

Community Service Activities:

  1. Food Drive: Organize a food drive to collect non-perishable items for local food banks. Girl Scouts can distribute collection bins in their neighborhoods or set up donation stations at schools and community centers. A good tip is to contact the food bank prior to collecting so you know exactly what they need for the upcoming holiday.

  2. Thanksgiving Meal Prep: Partner with a local shelter or soup kitchen to help prepare and serve Thanksgiving meals to those in need. Girl Scouts can assist with cooking, serving, and cleanup.

  3. Turkey Trot Fun Run: Host a "Turkey Trot" charity run or walk to raise funds for a charitable cause. Encourage participants to bring canned goods as entry fees, and donate the collected items to a food bank.

  4. Thanksgiving Cards: Create handmade Thanksgiving cards and deliver them to nursing homes or hospitals to brighten the day of residents and patients.

Thanksgiving Events for Girl Scout Troops:

  1. Gratitude Circle: Gather in a circle and take turns expressing what you're thankful for. This activity fosters a sense of gratitude and unity among the troop. Use the the "I Am Thankful" worksheet beforehand to have girls brainstorm different things they're grateful for.

  2. Potluck Feast: Host a Thanksgiving potluck feast where each Girl Scout brings a dish to share. This is an opportunity to learn about diverse Thanksgiving traditions and cuisines.

  3. Outdoor Adventure: Organize a nature hike or camping trip to appreciate the beauty of the season and connect with the outdoors. Incorporate activities like leaf identification and nature-inspired crafts.

  4. Thanksgiving Parade Viewing: Attend a local Thanksgiving parade as a troop. Encourage girls to create their own banners or costumes to represent their Girl Scout spirit. There are some great Parade Scavenger Hunt lists that you can use to give to girls. You can give them a fun patch for participating.

Thanksgiving Party Ideas for Girl Scouts:

  1. Decorate Mini Pumpkins: Provide mini pumpkins or gourds and craft supplies like paint, glitter, and stickers. Girls can decorate their own pumpkins to take home as festive decorations.

  2. Thanksgiving Bingo: Create Thanksgiving-themed bingo cards with images of turkeys, pumpkins, and other holiday symbols. Play a few rounds for prizes and fun.

  3. Pie Baking Contest: Host a pie-baking contest where Girl Scouts can showcase their baking skills. Judges can taste and rate the pies based on creativity and taste. If you don't have access to a kitchen, you can simply have the girls describe the pies with ingredients.

  4. Storytelling Circle: Set up a cozy area with blankets and pillows, and encourage girls to share their favorite Thanksgiving stories or traditions around a pretend campfire.

Thanksgiving Crafts for Scouts:

  1. Thankful Trees: Create a "Thankful Tree" using construction paper leaves. Each Girl Scout writes something they are thankful for on a leaf and adds it to the tree.

  2. Turkey Handprints: Make turkey-themed crafts using handprints. Girls can create handprint turkeys on paper or make handprint turkey cards.

  3. Fall Wreaths: Craft beautiful autumn wreaths using natural materials like leaves, acorns, and pinecones. Hang them up as seasonal decorations.

  4. Gratitude Journals: Provide notebooks for girls to start gratitude journals. Encourage them to write down things they're thankful for daily, fostering a sense of mindfulness and positivity.

These Thanksgiving activities provide Girl Scouts with opportunities to give back, bond with their troop, and celebrate the spirit of gratitude. Whether through community service, events, parties, or crafts, Girl Scouts can make Thanksgiving a memorable and meaningful holiday.

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