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Girl Scout Summer Activities To Stay Connected

Summer is a great time for girls to get outside and relax. Some of your girls may be attending Girl Scout camp, while others might be busy with family vacations or other activities. If you’re not a year-round troop, here are some ideas for engaging your girls over the summer and keeping them connected to each other.

Summer Meet-Ups

One suggestion is to have one or more meet-ups during the summer. Even if it’s just for a playground visit or meeting at a park, these small touchpoints can help smooth over the excitement and chaos of those first meetings in the fall. Consider organizing a picnic, a library visit, a nature hike, or a casual get-together at a local ice cream shop. These meet-ups can provide a relaxed environment for the girls to catch up and share their summer adventures.

Fun Activity Packs

If you want the girls to continue to think about the Girl Scout message and values over the summer, consider creating fun activity packs. These could include crafts, puzzles, or simple badge activities that they can do at home.

For example, you could put together a nature scavenger hunt, a friendship bracelet kit, or a list of community service ideas they can do with their families. Sending these packs home with the girls at the end of the school year or mailing them during the summer can be a great way to keep them engaged.

Our shop has a section full of free printables perfect for these activity packets.

Pen Pals

Nothing is more exciting than getting mail. Writing letters can be a fun and personal way for them to stay connected. You can provide them with stationery and stamps, and perhaps even some prompts to help get them started. This activity not only keeps them connected but also helps improve their writing skills and prevent the "summer slide".

Summer Reading Club

Start a summer reading club where the girls can read the same book and discuss it either in person or virtually. Choose books that align with Girl Scout values or themes they are interested in. This can be a wonderful way to encourage a love of reading and keep them intellectually engaged during the break.

Photo Challenges

Organize a photo challenge where the girls can take pictures of their summer adventures and share them with the troop. You can use whatever channel you use to notify parents. You an send out prompts for parents and they can share the photos with the group. This can help the girls feel connected and share their experiences with each other, even if they are far apart.

By implementing these ideas, you can ensure that your Girl Scout troop stays connected and engaged throughout the summer. This can help foster a sense of continuity and camaraderie that will make transitioning back to regular meetings in the fall much smoother and more enjoyable for everyone.

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