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Best Badges to Work on in September

Girl scouts badges tell a whole story about each achievement. Whether exploring the great outdoors, learning about your community, or inventing something new, there is a badge for every interest. Some badges are better suited for certain seasons or months.

Here are our favorite badges to work on in September. Let your Girl Scout explore the badge collection, and enjoy the little adventures that come with completing a badge.

1. Outdoors Badges

It's still nice out in most of the country during September. Some of the best badges for September are most conducive to the great outdoors. Girl Scouts can earn badges outside around the topics of camping, art, and birdwatching.


  • Outdoor Art Maker

  • Buddy Camper

  • Eco Learner


  • Outdoor Art Creator

  • Hiker

  • Cabin Camper

  • Letterboxer

  • Eco Friend


  • Outdoor Art Explorer

  • Camper

  • Eco Camper

  • Geocacher

These badges are an excellent way for girl scouts to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. Fall has many activities for girls, and the outdoors is a great way to experience the seasons. The best brownie badges for September are the nature based ones.

2. Community Service Badges

September is a good time for Girl Scouts to start helping out in the community. Whether she's an artist, scientist, entrepreneur, or activist, there are badges that girls can earn to give back to the community.


  • Democracy for Daisies

  • Good Neighbor

  • Use Resources Wisely


  • Democracy for Brownies

  • Celebrating Community

  • Pets


  • Democracy for Juniors

  • Inside Government

  • Animal Habitats

3. Friendship and Communication

Since schools are back in session and it's likely your girls are just getting back into the swing of things. With possibly new troop members, focusing on badges about friendship, communication, and understanding are great topics to start with.


  • Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout Petal

  • Respect Myself and Others

  • Considerate and Caring Petal



  • Social Butterfly

  • Junior Girl Scout Way

We like to regroup and continue to forge relationships at the beginning of our scouting year. These options show the girls the importance of working together, which will hopefully lay the foundation for your coming year.

We hope you liked our September badge choices. Let us know if there are any good ones we missed!

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