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Girl Scout Holiday Gift Ideas

The holiday season is a time for joy, generosity, and celebration. While these are things we try to teach to our troops throughout the year, the holiday season is a great way to drive the message home. Spread the holiday spirit than by giving your girls thoughtful gifts to the girls in your troop. Here are some creative and meaningful gift ideas for girls in Girl Scout troops that will inspire camaraderie and make the season even more special.

Handmade Friendship Bracelets: After the record-breaking Taylor Swift concert in 2023, kids across the country have been making beaded friendship bracelets. Craft beautiful friendship bracelets with each girl's name or initials. These personalized gifts serve as a reminder of the strong bonds of friendship formed within the troop.

Custom Troop T-Shirts: Design custom troop T-shirts featuring a memorable troop logo or artwork. It's a fun way for troop members to display their Girl Scout pride.

Troop Scrapbooks: Create or buy scrapbooks that the girls can use to fill with memories from Girl Scouts. You can even put some pictures in the album to start it off!

Girl Scout Journals: Provide each girl with Girl Scout memory book or journal. It's a great way to reflection after reach badge or event.

Nature-Inspired Gifts: For troops that enjoy outdoor adventures, consider gifts like compasses, pocket-sized field guides, or personalized camping gear.

Personalized Troop Water Bottles: Customize reusable water bottles with each girl's name and troop information. They can use these bottles during troop outings.

Troop-Inspired Puzzles or Board Games: Design custom puzzles or board games with a troop theme. It's a fun way for girls to bond and enjoy leisure time together.

Thank-You Notes: Troop leaders know that leading a troop is a game of give and take. We cannot lead without the coorporation of our troop members. Express yourgratitude by writing heartfelt thank-you notes to each troop member. It's a simple yet meaningful gesture.

These Girl Scouts holiday gift ideas for troop members are designed to celebrate friendship, achievements, and the spirit of Girl Scouting. Whether you choose to exchange personalized gifts, engage in creative projects, or promote outdoor adventures, the most important thing is to foster a sense of camaraderie and appreciation among your troop members during the holiday season.

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