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Brownie First Aid Kit Contents - Top Items To Include

So you're preparing for your Brownie First Aid badge. This is a great starter badge for new troops and an important life skill for Brownies to have.

You want to make sure you educate the girls as best you can. Building a First Aid kits with the right contents will help fulfill Step 3 of the Brownie First Aid badge. Without going overboard, you'll want to make sure you have the most important items in these kits.

The Container

First you'll need a container to hold all your items. You want this container to be something girls can open easily. Since we're not making an extensive First Aid kit it doesn't need to be that large.

Some ideas for a container are:

  • Hard plastic pencil case

  • Plastic container like tupperware

  • Plastic lunch containers like Sistemas (cheap ones can be found at the dollar store)

  • Old lunchbox

First Aid Contents for Brownie Badge

Now what to put in our containers? What are the most common items needed in first aid situations?

You'll want the girls minimize infection as they treat others.

The girls will want to make sure they're able to clean cuts or burns.

They'll need something to soothe injuries.

Lastly they need to be able to protect from further injury.

With these in mind, we'll build out our kid-friendly First Aid kit.


We know that in order to be safe, we should wear gloves when treating others. Especially if there is blood or open wounds involved. Wearing gloves will make sure that dirt or germs on your hands won't infect and open wound.

First Aid Items for Cleaning Wounds

To clean wounds there are a few options. There are antiseptic wipes and alcohol based wipes. Having these on hand will ensure you're able to clean cuts and scrapes.

it also may be helpful to have tweezers to help clean wounds that have dirt or debris in it. It would also be very helpful if you come across a splilnter.

First Aid Items for Soothing Injuries

There are different ways we can sooth injuries. So we'll want an ice pack that can be used for bumps or burns.

Protecting Injuries

There are many ways we can protect injuries. Here are the items that fall under this category.

  • antibiotic cream to put on wounds

  • sterile gauze for bleeding

  • tape to hold gauze in place

  • adhesive bandages in varying sizes

  • ace bandage for stabilizing sprains

Good luck putting together your Brownie First Aid kit!

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