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Printable for Brownie Badge Senses Worksheet

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

The Senses badge is one of our favorite badges in the Brownie level. It really gets the girls thinking about all their different senses. We created a great workbook and leaders guide that will help you navigate through earning this badge!

To recap, the steps for the Senses badge are:

  1. Look around

  2. Listen to the world

  3. Put your nose to work

  4. Take a taste test

  5. Touch and feel

Look Around

In the first step the girls will use their sense of sight. There are some really great ideas for this badge. Our printable for this badge will show girls images that can be seen two different ways. Girls will select which one they see first.

The leaders can talk about what they saw. If girls don't see one of the images, leaders or other girls can show them.

Listen to the World

In this activity we listen to sounds and try to figure out what they are. We also have the girls reflect upon their favorite sounds. Leaders should spark conversation here. What sounds make them happy. What sounds tell us that something good is on the way? A ring of a school bell. The sound of a toaster. The sound of a key in a door.

Put Your Nose to Work

This is one of the fun activities. Find fragrant items and hide them in bags or blindfold the girls. One by one have them smell a bag. Then write down what they think they smelled.

Take a Taste Test

We try to suggest some common things for the taste test and smell test. Here get 5 items, or more if you choose, with varying taste profiles. Salty, sweet, savory/umami, bitter, and sour. Just like the smell test, have the girls close their eyes and taste each of them.

Touch and Feel

The last section is all about the sense of touch. We go over Braille as it's a great example of using touch to translate the world around us. There's a companion video that we have on our resource page to discuss where Braille came from.

The activity we have the girls do is write their names in Braille. We provide an alphabet so they can easily spell out their name and fill in the Braille bubbles.

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