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How to Earn the Brownie Girl Scout Way Badge

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

This is a great starting badge for new troops and troops that have bridged over form Daisies.

Why the Brownie Girl Scout Way badge is great for new troops:

It's great for new Troops because they're just getting started with the Girl Scout experience. After completing this badge first, they'll be acclimated to the Girl Scout history and traditions. The badge activities will show the girls how much fun Girl Scouts can be.

Why the Brownie Girl Scout Way badge is great for existing troops:

Now that you're girls have gotten older, they have the capacity to learn more. And they're most likely interested in additional activities and ways they can enjoy Girl Scouts. By learning more traditional Girl Scout things, they can further understand the fun to be had.

Overview of the Badge - The Brownie Girl Scout Way badge is all about learning about Girl Scouts. You can quickly earn this badge by going through our Brownie Girl Scout Way badge booklet.

Step 1: Sing Everywhere

Singing is something Girl Scouts do. From the very beginning, your troop probably sang the "Make New Friend" song at your meeting. As Brownies, your girls will learn more songs with deep Girl Scout traditions.

One of the first new songs to learn is the Brownie Song. It's a fun song that all Brownies know. From there you can move onto more fun Brownie songs.

Step 2: Celebrate Juliette Gordon Lowe's Birthday (October 31)

We have another reason this is a great beginning badge. You can prepare to celebrate the Girl Scout founder's birthday if you start in September.

Learning about the founder of the Girl Scouts and celebrating her birthday will be another great way to introduce new girls to the traditions.

Step 3: Share Sisterhood

What's so great about Girl Scouts is that even if you don't have a biological sister, all Girl Scouts are your sister. In this step we celebrate Sisterhood with other Girl Scouts.

This step can lead to more learning about Girl Scouts, the experiences, and the FUN that can be had.

Step 4: Leave a Place Better Than When You Found It

Do a good turn daily! Just like the motto says. Work together as a troop or on your own to leave someplace better than when you found it.

This means cleaning up your meeting space. Helping at home. Cleaning your room. Helping your teacher with organizing the classroom.

Step 5: Enjoy Girl Scout Traditions

Lastly, enjoy the traditions of Girl Scouts. You can make sit-upons, sing more Girl Scout songs. Make SWAPS for another Troop. The possibilities are endless!

By the end of working on this badge, your troop will have an amazing understanding of what it's like to be a Girl Scout. And have fun along the way!

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