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This Badge Booklet Bundle is perfect for Junior troops or troops looking to save money.  Save money by buying all three instead of each individually! You'll get the following Junior Booklets:


  1. Junior Cookie CEO
  2. Junior Coding Basics
  3. Junior Shapes of Nature
  4. Junior Social Butterfly
  5. Junior Gardener
  6. Junior Detective


This printable booklets will help you seamlessly guide your troop through each of the badges. You end up with a fun and engaging meeting without the stress and time expenditure.


Each booklet is designed to be age and developmentally appropriate for each level. We include as many engaging activities as possible, with room for Troop leaders to make it their own.


You get:

  • More free time because we've done most of the heavy lifting
  • The feeling of accomplishment after a productive meeting with a clear agenda to keep things moving


Your Troop gets:

  • A great, fun and engaging experience
  • A keepsake to show Mom and/or Dad after their meeting
  • The knowledge gained in their meeting...and a badge earned


At the end of each booklet is a link to a Leaders Guide with additional resources to expand upon different topics during the meeting. 


These booklets, when implemented in its entirety, will fulfill the requirements for each of the badges.



  • Print out one copy per girl in your troop.
  • Cut the printout along the dotted lines.
  • Arrange the pages in order.
  • Staple on the left side margin. 



TroopLeaderHub is not affiliated with Girl Scouts of the USA. This product is not sponsored, endorsed, nor approved by, or in any way connected with Girl Scouts of the USA.

Junior Badge Booklet Bundle


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