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Cookie Kick Off Meeting Ideas

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

As a leader of a Girl Scout troop, the start of cookie season is an exciting time. It’s a chance for girls to develop important skills, such as goal setting, decision making, money management, marketing, sales, and people skills. It’s also a great opportunity for the troop to raise funds for trips, service projects, and other activities.

To get your girls excited and motivated for cookie season, it’s important to have a strong kick-off meeting. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Set Cookie Sales Goals

Encourage the girls to set individual and troop goals for the cookie season. They might aim to sell a certain number of boxes, raise a certain amount of money, or donate a certain number of boxes to a local charity. Make sure to discuss the importance of setting and working towards goals.

Review the Cookie Program and Selling Dates

Take some time to review the cookie program with the girls. This includes the different types of cookies available, the cost of each box, and the process for taking orders and delivering cookies. It’s also a good idea to discuss the importance of customer service and the Girl Scout Law.

Plan Your Cookie Booth Sale

Booth sales are a great way for the girls to sell cookies and interact with the community. Encourage the girls to brainstorm ideas for locations and themes for their booth sales. They might consider setting up a booth at a local grocery store, farmer’s market, or community event.

Create a marketing plan for Individual and Booth Sales

Help the girls come up with a plan to promote their cookie sales. This might include creating flyers or posters to distribute, using social media to spread the word, or reaching out to local businesses to ask if they’d be willing to display a cookie sale sign.

Practice your Cookie Sales Pitch

Encourage the girls to come up with a short, sweet, and persuasive sales pitch that they can use when selling cookies. Practice makes perfect, so consider setting up a mock booth sale and having the girls practice their pitch on each other.

Have the girls about the features of each of the cookies so they can better explain to customers. Many customers ask for recommendations. You can have the girls pick out their favorites and describe them as practice.

Celebrate Successes!

As the cookie season progresses, make sure to celebrate the girls’ successes along the way. This might include having a special snack or activity when a goal is reached, or simply taking a moment to recognize the hard work and dedication of the girls.

Make it a Fun Celebration

Above all, remember to make the kick-off meeting and the entire cookie season fun for the girls. This might involve incorporating games, craft activities, or other interactive elements into the meeting.

With a little planning and creativity, you can create a memorable and successful kick-off meeting for your Girl Scout troop. Happy cookie season!

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