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Best Juliette Gordon Low Birthday Activities

By the time October rolls around, most Girl Scout troops will be thinking of a way to celebrate Girl Scouts founder Juliette Gordon Low. This is because her birthday is October 31 - Halloween. This is also known as Founder's Day to us Girl Scouts. We've compiled some of our favorite ways to honor the founder, learn about her, and have some fun!

Two Truths and a Lie

There are so many great facts about Juliette Gordon Low. Play the game "two truths and a lie" to help girls identify what the founder was all about. The leaders will pick two facts about JGL and then one made up one. Have the girls vote for which one is the lie. A girl will earn a point if they guess correctly. Play as many rounds as you want until a winner is clear.

You can get our free JGL Two Truths and a Lie worksheet in our shop.

"Daisy" Coloring Page

Find a coloring page and color the picture of Juliette. This is great for the beginning of meetings when the girls are just coming in. You can then turn the coloring page into "Flat Juliette" (like Flat Stanley) and take pictures around your community with Flat Juliette.

Scavenger Hunt

Set up a scavenger hunt with some of Juliette's favorite things or items about her life. You can choose things like paints, pictures of animals, pictures of the state of Georgia, or anything else related to the founder. Print out the images and hide them in an area for the girls to find.

Word Search

Have the girls finish a word search with words that are commonly associated with Juliette Gordon Low.

Throw a Birthday Party

Celebrate the old fashioned way, with a cake and party. You could even buy presents to donate to a local organization. Maybe choose items you think Daisy would have enjoyed.

Make up a Song

Girl Scouts are known for their traditions, like the songs we sing. Make up a song about Juliette and share it with your Troop.

Trivia Game

Put together a Trivia game with two teams. Ask the teams trivia questions about Juliette and the Girl Scouts. You can use the same facts from Two Truths and a Lie (using the correct facts, of course).

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