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3 Fun Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout Activities

One of the most fun Daisy petals is "Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout" in my opinion. These little Daisies are learning about friendship and what it means. This petal reinforces the ideas around how to be a good friend and learning about different types of people.

We like to look at what makes a good friend. Good friends:

  • Do things that make you happy and are kind to you

  • Listen and take interest in your life

  • Helps you when you need it

  • Can be relied and follow through with what they say

  • Have some things in common with you but also like different things

Here are some activities that demonstrate some above ideas.

Trust Falls

A simple trust fall teaches girls to trust each other. You can tap into the idea of responsible for what I say and do. If the girls say they'll catch the girl when they lean back, they should stay true to their word and catch the girl.

In turns, have one girl be the person who leans back and have the other girls form two lines with their arms out creating "basket" to catch the "falling" girl. Have the girls rotate so anyone who wants a turn can take one.

Have them share how they felt before they leaned back and then after when they were caught by their friends.

Same and Different Activity

Have each girl meet with every girl. On a piece of paper have them write down something they have in common and something that is difference about them. Have them share with the troop. The goal is to show us how similar we are but also that we should respect and embrace how we can be different than our friends.

Troop Bead Bracelet

If you're looking for a craft, have the girls make a bracelet where each girl picks out one bead for every person in their troop. Then each girl makes a bracelet containing one bead from each girl. In the end, each girl has a nice token that represents each of their sister Girl Scout members.

There are a ton of other great ideas for this badge. Check out LeaderConnectingLeaders for some more ideas!


Check out our Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout Petal booklet. All petal booklets are available in our shop!

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