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Leaders Guide
Brownie Pets Badge Workbook

Download the Brownie Pets Badge Worksheet. Use the resources below with the worksheet to complete this badge!

Brownie Pets Badge Product Image.png


Download the booklet from TroopLeaderHub


Print out the booklet. Cut the pages along the dotted line the in center of the page. Staple on the left side.


Meet with your troop and go through the booklet to meet the minimum requirements of the badge!

Suggestions for Using this Booklet

For this meeting we learn about pets. Try to arrange for a visit to a Vet, Animal Hospital, or Shelter. You can also invite them to visit your troop as well. This will help girls answer and fill out a few of the sections.

This booklet also assumes you will be making a fleece pet bed. If you're unable to do this craft, you can simply tell the girls that there are many ways we can help pets and show them we care. 

Page 1: The Many Types of Pets

Have girls work together and brainstorm all the different types of pets people have. Encourage them to think about the pets they've seen before - whether in person or on TV. Have them work in pairs or alone.

Page 2: How to Care for Pets

This is where your "expert" comes in and discusses proper care to keep pets healthy. If you're unable to schedule a visit with an expert, use one of the videos below. Play this before the Page 2 activity.

Learn how to care for animals like Turtles or Dogs. Expand upon this as needed.

Page 4: How to Make a Pet Bed

If you don't have time to make a pet bed during the meeting, you can let the girls know there are many different ways we can help pets and show them we love them. One way is to make toys or comfort items for them. This is an easy craft that they can do at home too.

Page 6: Feed a Pet

On this page challenge the girls to think about what food each pet eats. They may just want to write down "dog food" or "bird food". But have them think about it. And then follow up with questions about why they may eat what they eat.

Page 7: Caring for Your Dog Buster

On this page, have the girls reflect on everything they've learned. How would they care for their imaginary dog Buster? Have them draw a poster or write down a schedule of all the things they'd do to care for their new dog. 

Page 8: I Know Many Pets

This is another reflection page. It can be skipped for time. But it also brings the girls full circle to think about the pets they know in their life. It also clues them into those pets' needs and helps the girl understand the pet moreso after going through these activities.


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