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Leaders Guide
Juniors Shapes in Nature Badge Workbook

Download the work book  and use the resources below to complete this badge!

Junior Shapes in Nature product image.png


Download the booklet from TroopLeaderHub


Print out the booklet. Cut the pages along the dotted line the in center of the page. Staple on the left side.


Meet with your troop and go through the booklet to meet the minimum requirements of the badge!

Suggestions for Using this Booklet

For this badge it is recommended to get outside. Try to incorporate nature into your meeting to have real life examples of shapes in nature.

Pages 1 and 2

All about symmetry. Talk about how there are different types of symmetry. On page 2 have the girls try to figure out if the objects/animals are representations of bilateral or radial symmetry.


ant: bilateral

jellyfish: radial

sunflower: radial

spiderweb: radial

tiger: bilateral

Page 3

Most girls have done this before, but make a simple ink blot or paint butterfly. All you need a plain paper and some paint. Have them make a shape on one side then fold the paper in half. Talk about whether it's bilateral or radial symmetry.

You can also have them try to fold the paper other ways as well to make more symmetrical shapes.

Pages 4 and 5

Talk about Mandalas. You'll want to either prepare ahead for making a nature mandala or have access to the outdoors for your meeting. 

Pages 6-9

The next few pages are about fractals and Fibonacci. A great way to supplement the information on Fibonacci is the below video. It will show some examples of Fibonacci in nature as well as art! And gives some information behind Fibonacci and how to identify fibonacci numbers.



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