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Leaders Guide
Brownie Celebrating Community Badge Workbook

Download the work book  and use the resources below to complete this badge!


Download the booklet from TroopLeaderHub


Print out the booklet. Cut the pages along the dotted line the in center of the page. Staple on the left side.


Meet with your troop and go through the booklet to meet the minimum requirements of the badge!

Suggestions for Using this Booklet

Use the below guide to help your Troop through the booklet. To ensure a smooth meeting, read through the below before your meeting. Some sections may require more explanation than others.

Our booklets are designed to help you complete a badge in one meeting. They also require minimal supplies. All supplies needed will be listed below this section.

Supply List

  • Booklets (1 per girl)

  • Pencils

Page 1

This badge is about how communities identify themselves with shared symbols, songs, celebrations, and more. We start off by talking about the symbols of the USA. Have the girls identify each symbol and name any more symbols they know representing our ctounry.


Next have them think of the Girl Scout symbols? See if they can name a few:


- Trefoil

- Hand signal

- Girl Scout Handshake

- Daisies

- Brownie membership pin

Page 2

Next we talk about our state and how each state has similar symbols such as a flag, a state bird, a state flower, and a state motto and nickname.

Complete as a group or you can assign girls different states to look up and share.

Here is a great resouce:

Page 3

Songs have always been a part of how Girl Scouts create community. Have the girls write their own song to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle. It can be about their troop, their community, their school, their town, or any other group.

Page 4

On this page we talk about parades and celebrations. Have the girls share different types of parades they've been to or been in. What different events or holidays do we celebrate with a parade? What can you see in a parade? If they get stuck, here are some ideas.

- Floats

- Balloon (like in the Thanksgiving Day Parade)

- Marching Bands

- Military, firefighters, police

- Emergency Vehicles

- Politicians

- Cars

Then have them share what their favorite part of a parade is.

Page 5

Now have your girls design a parade float of their own. It can celebrate anything they want - their favorite book, a TV character, their troop, a holiday, etc.

Have them share their float with the troop and describe how their float celebrates the thing they chose?


A float for St. Patrick's Day with shamrocks and rainbows, using lots of green. These are SYMBOLS of St. Patrick's Day.

Page 6

Talk about Landmarks and famous USA landmarks. 

Some USA Landmarks are:

  • Grand Canyon

  • Washington Monument

  • Alamo

  • Mount Rushmore

  • Statue of Liberty

Now have the girls think about landmarks around their community? Are there any buildings or locations that are special? Are there any natural features, like rivers, lakes, or waterfalls?

Page 7

Lastly, have the girls combine all their work. On the page they can design a troop flag. Have the girls share their designs and why they chose the colors and imagery they used.

You can also have a parade where the girls can sing their songs, wave their flags, and process around.

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