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Leaders Guide
Brownie Bugs Badge Workbook

Download the Brownie Bugs Badge Workbook. Use the resources below with the workbook to complete this badge!

Brownie Bugs Badge Product Image.png


Download the booklet from TroopLeaderHub


Print out the booklet. Cut the pages along the dotted line the in center of the page. Staple on the left side.


Meet with your troop and go through the booklet to meet the minimum requirements of the badge!

Suggestions for Using this Booklet

For this meeting we have a craft and a movement game. 


- Scissors for the girls

- Coloring utensils (markers, pencils, or crayons)

- Glue sticks

Pages 1-2: Bug Types

These pages are about different types of Bugs. Most of the things we call bugs are "insects". There is actually a group of insects called "true bugs". But when people say "bug" we may mean one of these types.

Review the types, have the girls name some different bugs within each type.

Page 3-4: Build a Bug

For our BUG CRAFT we're going to build a ladybug. Have girls cut out each shape. The large oval has eyes, don't cut those out. Once you gut them out, have the girls color each shape and assemble. 

Once assembled it should look like this:


Page 5

Get the girls moving with a fun game. Each number has a specific action that relates to how a bug moves.  Leaders will call out a number, and the girls will need to get into action and move like a bug. Play for as long as you want. This is a good game if you have time at the end or you need to break up the activities.

Page 6

If you're able to go on a field trip or have this meeting outside, then you would talk about bugs and go outside to look at bugs in their natural state.

This would also be where a field trip would come in handy. Look for local wildlife centers or reach out to your local government for programs that may be run for scouts. 

If you're unable to visit in person, these videos will help expand on the knowledge of bugs.


Have the girls write down interesting facts about bugs they may not have known before. 

The World Under a Rock - About finding bugs under rocks

Make a hanging bug home!

Amateur video of Insect Habitats but quick and simple which I like.

Page 7

Based on your field trip and/or videos, draw a picture of a bug in its home. 

Pages 8

Simple activity for the girls to complete. Good for time filling if needed. 

Have the girls finish the spiderweb by copying the lines in each section.


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