Digital Leadership


Every day, people around the world use technology. Technology can be machines that help us do things. People use cars. People use microwave ovens. People use computers.

Digital technology, like computers, tablets or smartphones, help us with so many things. We play video games. We chat with other people. We look up information. Everything we do with digital technology happens in our digital world.

In this badge, find out how technology can help you lead. You can be a leader who teaches. You can be a leader who inspires. You can be a leader that makes the world a better place.

When you've earned this badge, you will know how to lead in the digital world. You'll know how to use technology to make the internet and world a better place.


Badge Booklets in our Shop

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Each booklet covers all step requirements for the badge in a fun and engaging way. You'll have access to a supply list and Leaders Guide that accompany each booklet and can expand the learning experience.