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My Best Self - The Brownie Badge With Giraffe

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

If you're curious about the Brownie Badge with a giraffe, look no further. This badge is the "My Best Self" badge and is one of the Life Skills badges that first and second graders can earn. This badge is a great beginner badge and helps build self-esteem.

What is the Brownie Badge with Giraffe (My Best Self) All About?

This badge's focus is about knowing how to keep your body strong and healthy. And part of that is to know how to keep yourself happy as well.

At the age of 7-9, girls will begin learning about the human body more. This includes what's normal body operation and what's not. It also is a great time to instill the ideas of positive self image. And it's a great time to reinforce the importance of healthy exercise and diet.

My Best Self Steps

The 5 steps that Brownies need to complete in order to earn the My Best Self badge (bage with a giraffe) are:

  1. Get to know your body

  2. Eat and play in a healthy way

  3. Find out how your body works

  4. Know what to do if something bugs you

  5. Meet a healthy helper

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