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Girl Scout Veterans Day Activity Ideas

On Veterans Day we like to honor all members of our military past and present. Here are a few great activities that your troop can take part in to celebrate our Veterans

1. Place flowers or flags on the graves of Veterans

While Memorial Day is where we honor the fallen soldiers that served in the military, we are also able to celebrate them on Veterans Day. Use this holiday as a day to honor the soldiers that lost their lives for our country. Reach out to a local veterans association to see if you can volunteer your time to help.

2. Write letters to soldiers on active duty

November is the perfect month to write letters to soldiers who are deployed during the holiday season. Partner up with a VFW or American Legion to find out if they are sending out lettersto soldiers. You can have your troop write the letters and they can be included in their packages. There are also organizations specifically for this purpose. Reach out to them and work with your trip to send letters through their website.

Download our Veterans Day Activity Workbook which includes a blank letter template as well as other Veterans Day activities.

3. Put together care packages

Many local Veterans associations like VFWs and American Legions send out care packages to active duty troops. There are usually specific items that are requested by troops. Reach out to the local organization to get a list of those items. Then you can run a donation drive collecting items.

4. Attend a Veteran's Day memorial service

On Veterans Day you will often find Veterans Day services. Reach out to your local municipality to find out what is planned in your area on Veterans Day. You can arrange to have your troop attend or even participate.

5. Invite a Veteran to speak to your troop

There's nothing like learning from a Veteran. Reach out to a local veterans association an arrange for a Veteran to come speak to your troop. Your girls will learn about their personal experience and teach them about why it's so important to remember and honor our Veterans.

We hope you're able to use some of these ideas at your next meeting around Veterans Day.

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