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Our Favorite Brownie Making Friends Badge Ideas

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

The Brownie Making Friends badge is a great badge for both 2nd and 3rd Grade Brownies. While our girls are probably well on their way to making lifelong friends, they are still learning about how to meet new people and make new friends. Here are some of our favorite activities for the Brownie Making Friends badge.


One of the most fun and educational part of this badge is learning about other cultures and how they greet people. We can greet people with our words or our actions.

  • Watch videos of different greetings in different languages

  • Watch videos of different physical greetings from different cultures

  • Have girls share special greetings from their family or culture

  • Practice handshakes, talking about what makes a good handshake and what makes a bad one

  • Roll a Greeting Activity Sheet - fun game to get the girls moving and trying different greetings

Show Friends You Care

This is a nice step that teaches girls to think about kindness towards friends during every day life. There sometimes doesn't need to be a reason to show you care. It's in the little things we do. Some fun activities are:

  • Write a letter to a friend telling them why you like being friends with them

  • Buddy up with another girl and draw a picture based on their favorite things

  • Pretend your friend is sad and act out a scene about how you would comfort her

  • Make an All About My Friend poster, learn about their favorite things and decorate it

Share Favorite Activities

Part of friendship is sharing what you love with who you love.

  • Have the girls bring in one book they love. Have them share with the group why it's their favorite.

  • Have each girl make a list of their favorite games or activities. Break into groups and have girls pick one activity/game to play.

  • Have a dance party where the playlist is one song picked by each girl. Discuss who picked the song and why.

Learn How to Disagree

Friendship is also about learning how to deal with differences. One way we can navigate differences is by looking for how we're similar and working together.

  • Have girls buddy up and make a "same and different" chart, listing things they like that are the same and things that are different.

  • Disagree nicely by making a list of what types of words you shouldn't use when disagreeing

  • Make a list of all the badges you could work on the next meeting. Have the girls compromise on which one they work on next.

Practice Friendship

Sometimes friendships need to be fostered to grow. Teach the girls how to foster friendship with these activities.

  • Make a list of ways you can meet new people and new friends - at school, in your neighborhood, and at your activities

  • Learn something new about a friend. Sit in groups and practice listening to one friend share something about themselves. Listen intently to their answers.

  • Ask the girls to report back on one new friend they made and what they learned about their friend

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